Placement deal with Catch the Moon! 

Outlaw has been signed to a single-song placement deal with LA-based licensing boutique Catch the Moon Music. As part of the CTM catalog, Outlaw will be pitched to TV, film, and ad execs looking for music for their content. Stay tuned for more!


The band’s undeniably feel-good direction can be attributed to front-woman, Stephanie Trivison... Trivison demonstrates a knack for creating hooks that stick; listen to “Pacifica” if you’re in need of convincing”

Alyssa Lee of Midwest Action

With the release of Night Fires, the sophomore release from her band, These Knees, she’s finally starting to see years of hard work pay off. Its new EP represents the strongest batch of material that the group has released to date and a big step forward that reveals a tremendous amount of growth for Trivison as a songwriter and artist.”

Matt Wardlaw of Cleveland Scene

But the gist of the Trivison’s songs has remained the same: graceful, high-spirited pop rock that’s easy to like. And her casual charisma makes this a band always worth seeing, undoubtedly why they’ve appeared at every local festival worth playing.”

Anastasia Pantsios of Cool Cleveland

Ever since her conceptualization of These Knees in 2010, Trivison has proven time and again her tenacity as an artist and musician. With the evolution of the band over the past few years, These Knees has finally found their voice with Night Fires.”

Judie Vegh, Music Writer + Photographer

Stephanie has some of the best written pop/rock songs and melodies of anyone I've worked with. After every session we do, I find myself whistling, humming, and singing parts for days afterward. As someone who listens to several songs a day, hundreds of times, I think that says a lot.”

— Jim Stewart, Producer + Engineer